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16 missions await you and your green army as you wage war against the tan army through true world war environments including beaches, jungles, countrysides and war-torn cities. Each army man has a range of weapons to use, including pistols, flame throwers and the bazooka. You can also use heavy artillery such as tanks, jeeps and boats when normal attacks fail to breach the enemy line.

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ReleasedApr 29, 2000

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The Green Army is back, again locked in an epic struggle with the Tan Army. This time, however, wage war on a global scale and the stakes are higher than ever. The evil Tans have captured a large portion of surrounding territories, forcing the Green Army into an isolated position. Their situation grim, the Greens place their hope and future on the plastic shoulders of a lone warrior; a soldier who will venture into enemy territory and halt the onslaught.

The 3DO Company presents another installment featuring plastic heroes with a PlayStation version of Army Men: World War. Spanning three campaigns in different locations, this installment provides third-person action in a military setting. Assume the role of the lone soldier, faced with the task of defeating the opposition through a variety of objective-based missions. And while you can occasionally enlist the help of Grenadiers, Machine Gunners, and Flamethrower Men, the majority of the missions are played solo. Luckily, you can procure weapons and vehicles in enemy territory to even the playing field. So take control of a Twin .50 Cal. machine gun or a Howitzer cannon to demolish vast numbers of plastic enemy troops, or climb into the driver's seat of a tank on the path to Green Army glory. In Army Men: World War, you must do whatever it takes, whenever necessary, to win this war and protect the Green way of life.

  • Command a mobile unit of jeeps, tanks, and PT boats

  • Take out the Tan Army with a variety of WWII weapons including grenades, an assault rifle, and mortar launchers

  • Lead the Green Army into battle through jungles, cities, and deserts

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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