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In the presumably distant future, the vast majority of Earth's population is wiped out by a cataclysmic war known as the Great Destruction. The harsh conditions that result force the few remaining survivors to live underground for fifty years, during which time corporations come to power. The two largest corporations, Chrome and Murakumo Millennium, constantly battle each other for supremacy, causing significant strife among the populace. However, the competition provides endless opportunities for the Ravens, mercenaries who exist independently of the corporations. You, the protagonist, pilot an armored core (AC), which is a giant mecha robot.

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ReleasedOct 31, 1997
DeveloperFrom Software

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NEW - Armored Core - SONY HOLOGRAM Y-Fold SEALED - Black Label - PlayStation PS1 Brand New $249 2019-09-30 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PS1 Game Armored Core mint collectors pal version Like New $137.6 2019-10-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Videogame Game Game Console Sony PLAYSTATION 1 PS1 Armored Core Pal Good $79.06 2019-10-05 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Ps1 Armored Core Black Label Cib Complete Acceptable $43.96 2019-09-23 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core (Sony Playstation 1 ps1) Complete & Tested Free US Ship! Very Good $37.99 2019-09-28 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core PS1 Great Condition Fast Shipping Very Good $33.92 2019-10-13 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation -- ARMORED CORE -- PS1. JAPAN. GAME. work fully. 18161 Good $29 2019-10-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Lot Of 6 Playstation PS1 Games: Time Crisis, ECW, Blood Omen, Armored Core +More Acceptable $24.95 2019-10-02 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation Armored Core Japan PS1 Good $23.74 2019-09-29 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 ??Armored Core Good $21.4 2019-09-15 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation -- ARMORED CORE -- spine card. PS1. JAPAN GAME. 18161 Good $20 2019-10-09 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
ARMORED CORE Ref/ccc PS1 Playstation Japan Game p1 Acceptable $19.35 2019-10-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation -- ARMORED CORE -- PS1. JAPAN. GAME. work fully. 18161 Good $18 2019-10-07 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
2 Disc Armored Core (Sony PlayStation 1 2000 PS1 Original Black Label SLUS-01030 Like New $16.98 2019-09-17 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core Japan Playstation 1 PS1 Very Good Condition! Very Good $15.99 2019-09-16 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation -- ARMORED CORE the Best -- PS1. JAPAN GAME. Good $15 2019-09-23 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
USED PS1 PS PlayStation 1 ??Armored Core Good $14.76 2019-09-24 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
UsedGame PS1 PS PlayStation 1 Armored Core from Japan Good $14.67 2019-09-20 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
ARMORED CORE TEST OPERATION DISC PS1 Playstation Japan Video Game p1 Used $13.12 2019-09-26 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core (Sony PlayStation 1) PS1 Disc Only Acceptable $12.5 2019-09-30 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core From Software Sony PlayStation PS1 Game USED Japan Import 40 Good $10 2019-09-16 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
Armored Core -PS1/PSX- Replacement Case *No Game* Brand New $5.99 2019-10-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.
PlayStation 1 Armored Core PS1 Sony Japan m899 Good $5.99 2019-09-16 eBay .PSX.' | '.Armored Core.

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