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Two hundred years after the events of Alien³, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley is cloned by military scientists interested in the Alien Queen she had become a host for. Like the "Company" from the earlier films, the military intends to use the Queen to breed a force of bio-weapons. But then something goes wrong; the Aliens they are studying manage to escape, and swarm throughout the science ship. It's up to four stranded heroes - Ripley, Call, DiStephano and Christie - to wipe out the Aliens, and return the ship safely to Earth. Gameplay is standard FPS action, with limited ammo and plenty of hazards to detour around or find the switch to deactivate. The player switches between the four main characters at each level change, each with a slightly different set of abilities (Call has a motion tracker, Christie has his twin pistols from the film). Levels are based around keeping the Auriga running, and making their way through the ship to escape.

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ReleasedOct 10, 2000
DeveloperArgonaut Software
PublisherFox Interactive

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Ellen Ripley has been through a lot in the course of her encounters with the mysterious xenomorphs she and her Nostromo crew discovered nearly three centuries ago. She's battled soldiers, queens, mutant varieties, and even experienced her own death, but now she's been brought back by a team of scientists hungry to gain access to the alien queen hosted in her body at the time of her demise. Yet something during the cloning process changed her. She now has aspects of the aliens she has so long despised. Acid blood, super strength, adept senses ... is she still even human? But is no time for philosophical debate, because the aliens bred by the queen extracted from her are loose on the research ship USM Auriga, and it's up to Ripley to protect the crew and the whole of Earth from being infested. Once again, it's up to Ellen Ripley to save the day.

Take on the role of Ripley and three other characters in Alien Resurrection for the PlayStation, a first-person shooter from Fox Interactive. Based on the 1997 film, you'll take on a whole host of alien opponents as you make your way through the dim corridors of the military research vessel on which you've been involuntarily trapped.

The game will take you throughout the Auriga, both above and below water, and you'll have to battle aliens in their various forms of gestation as well as military personnel who've been ordered to silence you permanently. Many familiar items will be available to you during the course of the game, including the familiar motion tracker that sounds a telltale beep when danger is at hand. Along the way you'll pick up 11 weapons of various strength, from pistols and shotguns all the way to rocket launchers, lasers and electric guns. The plot will reveal some sudden allies for Ripley, and at certain points of the game, you'll even control them in their own levels.

  • Navigate Ellen Ripley and her team through the close quartered Auriga in an effort to destroy the alien queen

  • Blast on the enemy with pulse rifles, flamethrowers, electric guns, and grenade launchers

  • Defend your party as the aliens attack you from the ground, the ceiling, and from the wall

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Ellen Ripley died trying to wipe•oug the Aliens. Now, 200
    years later, scientists have resurrec ed Ripley—along with
    the Alien Queen—hoping to create the Itimate weapon.
    Teamed with a crew of renegade space pirates on a research
    vessel headed for Earth, they must fight for survival and
    se weapons such as the
    Pulse Rifle' Flamethrower,
    Electric Gun (Burner),
    Grenade Launcher
    and Rocket Launcher.
    destroy the Aliens once •and for all.
    Try to outwit the Alien intelligence
    as they communicate uith each other;
    react to sound and player tactics;
    and hunt alone and in packs.
    Stay Alert. Watch your back.
    Aliens can run along walls
    and ceilings.
    Ambient sound and game sound
    effects straight f om the
    Fight your way through
    the Alien infested
    research vessel
    Auriga and the Betty
    Transport vehicle.
    2 Blocks
    Analog Control
    Vibration Function
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