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In Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere the player takes the place of an ace fighter pilot who works for an organization called "UPEO" and has to accomplish various missions, e.g. taking out a special aircraft carrier or taking out enemy satellite systems in orbit around earth. The player can earn ratings from A to D: the higher the rating, the higher the chance that the player can acquire new kinds of planes. The game has many environments which range from normal aerial missions to stratospheric missions and even outer space missions. A special catch is that the player often has to make decisions during missions which influence the overall storyline. There is also an autopilot feature which can be used to land or reach a destination.

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ReleasedMar 02, 2000

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Pilot 22 aircraft across a series of 36 missions in Namco's third entry in its arcade-style flight combat series. Receive briefings before each mission to learn the battle details and identify your targets. Then pilot your aircraft around the battle area while attempting to destroy targets in the air, on the ground, or at sea. Complete your objectives to advance to the next mission with new aircraft and weapons.

A number of conditions must be satisfied to succeed. Your damage rating must be under 100%, you cannot crash or be shot down over land or sea, you cannot exceed the time limit, and you cannot leave the battle area. If you do not meet all of these conditions, your mission ends and you must restart. Refuel your aircraft in midair, fly during the day or at night, and choose from three difficulty settings to customize your game.

  • Pilot 22 futuristic aircraft across 36 missions

  • Perform takeoffs, landings, mid-air refueling, and more

  • View replays of your missions from different camera angles

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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