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ATV Mania is an all-terrain vehicle combat racing game. Modes include Championship, Single Race, and Time Attack. The main mode is the Championship mode which lets the player compete in an underground ATV championship circuit which is being held amongst the French Alps. The player's goal is to win the races by any means necessary. The player gets to choose to play as one of six different racers, with each racer having their own ATV to race with. Each vehicle has its own unique ratings in speed, grip, and armor. The player then races against 5 of the other racers on 6 different tracks. The higher the position the player gets in a race, the more points and cash they earn. The player with the most points after all 6 races are done wins the championship. Also, after each race, the racer is asked questions by another character, where they get to choose their answer from a list of responses. For example, an investigative news reporter trying to get a scoop on the illegal races, gives the player an interview, which can earn the player some extra cash depending on how cooperative they are. Any cash earned can then be spent on more weapon ammo for the player's vehicle. Examples of weapons included in the game are grenades, land mines and homing missiles.

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ReleasedJul 23, 2003
DeveloperDeibus Studios
PublisherGotham Games

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ATV Mania (Sony PlayStation 1, PS1, 2003) Brand New Brand New $49.99 2019-03-31 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV Mania - PS1 Good $29.25 2019-03-31 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV Mania (Sony PlayStation 1 PS1, 2003), NEW FACTORY SEALED Brand New $24.88 2019-04-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
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ATV Mania (Sony PlayStation 1, 2003) PS1 Brand New Sealed! Brand New $12.98 2019-03-22 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
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(Nearly New) ATV Mania SLUS-01545 2003 Sony PS1 Video Game - XclusiveDealz Like New $9.95 2019-04-05 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV Mania [E] Sony Playstation 1 PS1 PSX Game DISC ONLY Acceptable $9.94 2019-04-19 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV - Mania Complete NM PS1 PlayStation Very Good $9.42 2019-04-11 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
PS1 ATV Mania Good $9 2019-04-08 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV MANIA PS1 PLAYSTATION 1 Complete Good $7.99 2019-04-14 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
Sony PlayStation PS1 | ATV Mania | Complete In Box CIB Good $7.95 2019-04-10 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
Playstation One Ps1 Atv Mania Sealed Game Brand New $7.84 2019-04-04 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
ATV Mania for Sony Playstation PS1 Complete - Gotham Games Racing Good $7.6 2019-04-18 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.
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Manual Only - ATV Mania - PS1 PlayStation game Manual Only Very Good $2.07 2019-03-30 eBay .PSX.' | '.ATV Mania.

Box Description

Looking for some hardcore racing competition? ATV Mania is what you need to get your fix of dirt
in your face, high-flying adrenaline action. If you think this is some ordinary racing game, think again.
Choose from one of six renegade riders that are armed to the teeth, then race through the French Alps
trying to defeat your opponents while avoidihg the law and local reporters. ATV racing has never been
this much fun!
Race through six different adventurOus cks with six different characters, each with their own
unique ATVs to choose from!"
Beat your way to first place
a n of weapons on the track!
Realistic effects where the and the riders need recuperate after their harsh
encounters on the trac
1 Block
Gotham Games 622 Broadway. New York, NYM0@i2
Vibration Function
10425 23228
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Analog Control
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