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Eye Toy compatible action party game, based on Disney properties. Stand in front of your television and move your body to take part in a variety of Dinsey-themed mini-games. Get spooked in the haunted Mansion, a ghostly hunting experience where you do the capturing. Fight Captain Hook and his fearsome gang of swashbuckling pirates or fly Aladdin's magic carpet across Agrabah's sky. Football crazy? Save goals as Donald shoots for the net, or shake down the groove on drums and cymbals with Lilo and Stitch. And for the final curtain call, follow in the footsteps of mickey and become a sorcerer's apprentice casting magnificent spells.

Targeted at young PlayStation 2 owners, Disney Move was released to the European market in November 2004. EyeToy camera required (sold separately).

Controls: Gamepad, Joystick

ReleasedJan 01, 2004

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PS2 EYE TOY DISNEY MOVE - PLAYSTATION 2 GAME PAL Good $35.53 2019-09-30 eBay .PS2.' | '.Disney Move.
Disney Move PS2 PAL *Complete* Eyetoy Required Good $14.73 2019-09-24 eBay .PS2.' | '.Disney Move.
Playstation 2 PS2 Disney Move Acceptable $13.18 2019-10-14 eBay .PS2.' | '.Disney Move.
PS2 - Disney Move Good $10.85 2019-09-17 eBay .PS2.' | '.Disney Move.

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