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Keith Miyamoto is a reporter who works for an important newspaper in Los Angeles. In 2005, he travels to an island called Capital City, where he has to get a new job. However, on his way from the airport to the city, a terrible earthquake occurs. The train collapses and Keith finds himself abandoned by the rescue team. Now he has to escape the island, try to save the people stranded on it, and discover the true reasons behind the chaos in the city. But that will be anything but easy. The earthquake continues, and any time Keith steps on a half-collapsed bridge, crawls over a pile of rumble, or climbs a narrow path between ruined houses, the Earth can start trembling... Disaster Report is a combination of pure adventure and survival horror genres. Controls, inventory management, fixed camera angles and relative vulnerability of the protagonist are reminiscent of Alone in the Dark and similar games, while the complete lack of enemies to fight reminds of a classic adventure. There are many ways to preserve Keith from constant dying. You can find items and combine them into new ones (for example, finding a helmet and a lamp will allow you to build a helmet with a flashlight attached to it). Keith will also need to quench his thirst, so you'll have to find water for him. The water taps found in the game also serve as save points.

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ReleasedOct 18, 2002

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Disaster Report casts players in the role of a reporter named Keith Helm trying to uncover the story of a lifetime: the person or persons responsible for the collapse of an entire city. The problem? The reporter is in the city as it starts crumbling into the ocean. Armed only with a backpack, a map, and a compass, players must navigate their way through the ravaged urban landscapes while piecing together the clues behind the city's downfall. Fire, earthquakes, collapsing buildings, and other dangers can strike without warning, and a number of citizens may be trapped in harm's way.

Played primarily from a third-person perspective behind the lead character, Disaster Report makes use of two horizontal gauges to monitor health and thirst as well as a compass icon to indicate the direction the character is facing. To obtain a closer look at the surroundings, a first-person view can be accessed with a press of a button. Players can use objects found within the environment to help save potential victims, assemble makeshift items (like torches or flashlights) by combining objects, and learn more about the situation by reading found documents or listening to recordings.

As players explore the various regions of the city, which include a residential area, suspended bridge, sports stadium, harbor station, and office towers, they will be able to meet and cooperate with police officers, doctors, and other citizens in need. To help survive the ordeal, the character can brace himself at the onset of a tremor, cling to surfaces or hide, shout out to others, climb, run, and use transportation such as bicycles if available. Each action makes the character tired and more dehydrated over time, which can be countered by drinking water and finding first aid kits.

  • Explore the fictional setting of Capital City while avoiding the devastating effects of an earthquake

  • Complete the game to unlock a special feature

  • Assemble new tools by combining items found along the journey

  • Find and use water bottles, first aid kits, rescue packs, gloves, and construction helmets for protection

  • Disaster report updates can be heard after finding a radio

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

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    Use only your wit to escap
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    Build tools from ite you
    uncover in the wreckåge of
    the city
    Help others to escap and
    learn the secrets of
    Capital City
    Dig into the story to. nco€er
    the truth behind th
    Visit or call
    1-800-771-3772 for Rating
    Mem card for PS2 -320KB or Above
    Vibration Function
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