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Devil Kings is in the same vein as the Dynasty Warriors series. Whereas in Dynasty Warriors, however, Koei focuses on ancient Chinese history, Devil Kings focuses more on feudal Japan, but with a fictional setting with the ability to use modern day weapons such as chain guns and shotguns as well as fighting legendary and fictional characters from the past. The story takes place as the Devil King, a king possessed by the soul of the Devil, has unleashed an unholy army on the world to bend it to his will as the player must stop him along with many of his minions including his wife Lady Butterfly, his general the Red Minotaur, as well as loyal assassins Scorpio and Venus. The gameplay is more arcade hack-and-slash style, with the ability of using magic spells to wipe out entire waves of enemies and as mentioned before, the ability to use modern day weapons along with historical weapons such as spears, swords among others. There are six playable characters to use as well, each with their own story told in CG and anime cutscenes as well as two modes of play, Conquest (the main story of the game) and Free Mode (where players can play in any unlocked stage they have completed).

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ReleasedOct 11, 2005

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Devil Kings for Ps2 Very Good $22.16 2019-07-06 eBay .PS2.' | '.Devil Kings.
Devil Kings PS2 Complete Acceptable $19.52 2019-07-10 eBay .PS2.' | '.Devil Kings.
Devil Kings (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) - PS2 Good $18.17 2019-07-05 eBay .PS2.' | '.Devil Kings.
Devil Kings (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005) PS2 Game CIB Complete FREE SHIPPING! Very Good $17.51 2019-06-30 eBay .PS2.' | '.Devil Kings.
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Players lead their chosen hero to victory against all comers, in this Dynasty Warriors-styled game of medieval combat. Characters are based on the heroes and villains of ancient mythologies, and the fast-paced battles are full of explosive special moves and colorful magical effects. The game is set on a fantastical continent, broken into 15 smaller fiefdoms, and the ultimate goal is to unite the land under the rule of the player's chosen hero. As they progress through the adventure, individual heroes become more powerful and gain new special moves. With each victory over the continent, new playable characters can be unlocked. Devil Kings was produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi known for his work on previous Capcom hits such as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 4, and Killer 7.

  • Unify a war-torn nation by choosing one of six characters, each with distinct abilities

  • Choose from ninjas, spear-wielding warriors, and gunslingers

  • Earn experience points in combat to upgrade each character's abilities

  • Acquire an arsenal of weapons and create unlimited combos

  • Fast-paced combat from the creators of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Six characters each with
    unique fighting styles
    Master combos to create
    unlimited chains
    face of Warfare/
    Pure action! Wage war to experience the heat
    of battle and face off against hordes of
    enemies! Conquer all, reign supreme and
    achieve total world domination!
    Loads of weapons: dual spears,
    swords, a shotgun, dual pistols,
    military axes and more
    l'Elemental Attribute" that enhances
    the powers of weapons
    from the creators of Resident Evil@
    and Devil May Cry@!
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