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An ancient evil has been unleashed. This Dark Cloud rains destruction on what was once a peaceful and benevolent continent, bringing it to its knees in one fell swoop. Journey on a quest through time to unravel the mysterious tale of the Dark Cloud. Set in a vivid and inviting world, Dark Cloud delivers imaginative, vibrant, and detailed gameplay complemented by a strong character-driven storyline. A new feature, Georama, challenges you to build a customized world then interact with it in real time. As you build the world, life begins to flourish and unveils clues and pieces of the storyline as you progress through the adventure.

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ReleasedMay 28, 2001

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Revival...of an ancient evil once banished.
Rebirth...of a land once destroyed.
Renewal...of love once lost.
wo great continents, one an ad ced c• izati01i 'ven
by progress and technolog}} e othe here na
the center of all existenc nd eve one live
harmoniously side by side. yultures th ave ne
had contact with each other...until now,
has be
An ancient
unleashed. Journey,o a quest
through time to unravel the mysf
terious tale of the Dark Cloud
+ Innovative new gameplay,
GEORAMA. Build it—build a
cuftömized world. Plc
'återact with the World in real-time, Live it—build thwworlds and
unveil clues and pieces of the storyline.
+ Real-time weather and day/time
dis@ipy system—as the time of
day hanges, everything in the
•nvl onment changes including
interaction with NPCs, environ-
and other
significant events.
+ Six layable team members egC
own unique abilities;
wg*s, skills and strengths.
+ Detailed weapons system—the weaponSsystem allows you to
change and increase your weapon? strength angtdamage,
Hundreds of items including magic, treasure, GE RAMA pieces,v
keys nd more.
reathtaking graphics and over 60 minutes of cinem -quality
scenes unfold over 50+ hours of
Visit or call 1-800-771-3722
'Dark Cloud is a beautiful action RPG that sho'" off the
expansive power of PS2. With exceptional graphics, the abi ity
to build your own villages and a deep, involving quest, Dark
Cloud promises to take your free time and call it jts own!"
Sony Computer Entertainment America, 919 East Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404
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LiCensed:for play on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment systems with the NTSC.U/C designatiöiiöiiii:frttöSOiii):
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