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Dakar 2 is a racing game, of course simulating the famous Paris-Dakar Rally. Although not the real 6000 kilometers can be crossed in the game, the rally mode takes the player through 12 tracks all the way from France to Dakar. The tracks lead racers through cities, forests and the desert. Most of them are simple tracks, but there are desert tracks where the player can drive around freely, finding the checkpoints faster than the opponents. The player can choose from the officially licensed cars, trucks and bikes from Dakar 2002, but only vehicles of the same type can compete in a race. There is also an arcade racing mode, where all the tracks and vehicles that have been unlocked in rally mode can be selected, as well as a splitscreen mode for two players.

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ReleasedMar 25, 2003

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PS2 Game Dakar 2 mint collectors pal version promo Like New $43.16 2020-12-14 eBay .PS2.' | '.Dakar 2.
DAKAR 2 - DON'T DREAM IT, DO IT - SONY PLAYSTATION PS2 GAME - PROMO VERSION Very Good $30.41 2020-12-07 eBay .PS2.' | '.Dakar 2.
Lot of 4 PS2;Gran Turismo 4,NHRA Drag Racing,Both Compl., GT3 A Spec,Paris Dakar Very Good $22 2020-12-15 eBay .PS2.' | '.Dakar 2.
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Playstation 2 PS2 Dakar 2 Acceptable $17.59 2020-12-17 eBay .PS2.' | '.Dakar 2.

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The Paris-Dakar Rally is a race of endurance and skill covering well over 6,000 miles and lasting 17 days. This PS2 version of the grueling contest boasts realistic physics, a variety of racing vehicles, and authentically modeled 3D environments. While virtual drivers must often adopt an "anything goes" approach as they speed ahead through the diverse, unpredictable, off-road environments, skill and strategy must be employed to avoid hazards and keep the vehicle running smoothly. Even minor abuses build up over the two-week contest. Barreling through too many potholes can ruin a suspension. Those tumbleweeds seem light and insignificant, but hitting too many off them might crack the windshield. As in the real-life race, an important part of the game is managing the little details to keep the car and its driver moving ahead across the long haul.

  • Speed through a variety of off-road tracks while exploring several possible routes to each checkpoint

  • Cause such damage as a cracked windshield, engine damage, and detachable doors

  • Race your way through several courses in 24 different vehicles including cars, buggies, bikes, and quads

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Dans Dakar 2, retrouvez Dakar:W
    rallye raid par excellence.
    Courage et endurance sont les maitres mots de cette expérience
    unique å travers les somptueux paysages du continent africain dont le
    plus mythique des le Sahara.
    Explorez de nombreux niveaux å travers le désert en utilisant votre
    GPS pour vous aider å vous e érer
    = Une course de 6000 Km qui camiü.—1
    officiels et actualisés pour 2003 !
    = Plus de 12 circuits comprenant une grande variété de terrains et d'environnements.
    Gestion des dégäts des véhicules - pare-brises cassés, roues voilées, chässis écrasés,
    moteurs en feu, etc...
    Dakar 2 2 zet haar officiéle licentie voort met deze arcadeversie van
    de meest extreme en slopende rally ter wereld.
    In deze rally bezoek je steden in Frankrijk, Spanje en Marokko en
    verken je traditionele woestijnlandschappen. Dakar 2 biedt een uniek
    en opwindend alternatief voor standaard rally games.
    In unieke levels race je door de open woestijn op weg naar
    controlepunten. je GPEnpvigat.iesystee
    Auto's, trucks en motoren voldoen aan officiéle specificaties - bijgewerkte versies voor 2003.
    Meer dan 12 unieke parkoersen die een groot aantal verschillende terreinen en décors bestrijken.
    Totaalschade aan voertuigen - gebarsten voorruiten, ontwrichte wielen, verbogen chassis,
    1979 2003
    Chez certaines personnes.
    l'utilisation de ce leu necessite
    des precautions d' emp10i
    particuliires qui sont détaillées
    brandende motoren, etc.
    = Auto's nemen het op tegen trucks en motoren in een race die
    over 6000 km van Parijs naar Dakar leidt
    dans 18 notice jointe
    1 ou 2 Joueurs • Memory Card (Carte Mémoire) (8MB) (pour PlayStation@2) : 216KB minimum • Compatible contröle analogique : toutes lestouches • Compatible fonction de vibration
    = 1 of 2 spelers • Memory Card (geheugenkaart) (8MB) (voor PlayStation@2) : minimaal 216KB • Compatibiliteit met analoge controllers: alletoetsen • Compatibel met tiUmgsfunctie
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