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Dai Senryaku: Exceed is a turn-based strategy game played on an assortment of hex-shaped maps, similar in design to early tabletop and computer war games. Players choose one of eight modern-era countries before waging war in a series of 25 missions, each offering multiple objectives and win conditions. The three main game modes are Free Play, Mission, and Campaign. Free Play supports up to four human or computer players in custom scenarios. Missions involve capturing enemy structures, defending key resources, destroying the opposition, and so forth, with rankings awarded at the end of each stage.

The campaign mode offers four different storylines and the ability to save experienced units for use in subsequent battles. A map editor is also included, allowing players to create up to eight battlefields before saving them to memory card. Over 400 units and 100 maps are available in total, and the game includes multiple tutorials to help new generals learn the play mechanics. Though the Japanese series began in 1988, this is only the third Dai Senryaku game released in the States. The first was 1996's Iron Storm on Saturn and the second was 2005's Dai Senryaku VII on Xbox.

  • Command 50 units per side, including tanks, planes, subs, and infantry

  • Includes Free Play, Campaign, Mission, and Tutorial game modes

  • Create up to eight maps spanning a maximum 63x63 hexes in size

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

    ReleasedDec 11, 2007
    DeveloperKool Kizz Amusement Works
    PublisherCrave Entertainment
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