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Meet and greet your favorite movie characters in this adventure game based on the Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment animated feature film, Curious George. When the Man with the Yellow Hat travels to Africa in search of a lost artifact, he returns with some unexpected cargo -- a curious little primate named George. Guide George as he runs, jumps, climbs and swings his way through 12 adventure-packed levels from the jungle to the Big City, where his spunky and fun-loving nature endears him to new friends and lands him in a series of mis-adventures. Make monkey business as you help George and his friends discover the one item special enough to save the museum from the bulldozer. Loads of bonus content and challenging mini-games keep players busy long after the main story is done.

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ReleasedFeb 01, 2001
DeveloperMonkey Bar Games

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Additional Information

Inspired by the 2006 animated feature film, Namco's Curious George brings the notoriously inquisitive simian to life in a 3D platform adventure. Through 12 levels that follow the story of the movie, players will explore their surroundings, collect bananas, and interact with various "curious" objects that catch George's attention (and are marked with glowing questions marks). In addition to a fun sense of mischief and occasionally unexpected results, exploring these objects can earn George credit toward unlocking new costumes and other useful items. As in the original children's books by Margaret and H.A. Rey, The Man in the Yellow Hat plays an important role as well, offering both affection and authority. Ultimately, however, it will be George's curiosity that saves the day.

  • Monkey around with George through 12 diverse levels

  • Earn points to unlock bonus games, artwork, accessories, and more

  • Collect bananas to unlock movie clips

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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