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Taken into slavery, you are now a gladiator. Your only chance at freedom is to earn enough money in the arena to buy yourself back. Whether in a lowly arena on the outskirts of the Empire or in the Colosseum itself, a wide variety of opponents await: heavily armed charioteers, wild bulls, fellow gladiators and more. In a series of battles, from battle royales to one-on-one duels, you must entertain the crowds by spilling blood. After battles, it's time to train. A series of minigames improves your attributes and your diet perfects your body. Study your rankings, play around with your special skills, and await the next battle. Colosseum: Road to Freedom is a self-described Action RPG, controlled in the third-person and works as a gladiator simulator.

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ReleasedFeb 17, 2005

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Colosseum: Road to Freedom is an arena combat game set during the height of the ancient Roman empire, when grim warriors would fight to the death for the amusement of thousands of fickle spectators. Players take the role of Narcissus, a self-assured gladiator who appears far less self-absorbed than his mythological antecedent, and who has made it his life's quest to avenge the destruction of the small village where he lived as a child. The story begins as Narcissus trains in the ways of the warrior, learning new skills as he collects better weapons and more protective armor pieces. By the time he encounters Empereor Commodus, the master of the coliseum, Narcissus is ready to prove his mettle on the battlefield. Match types include duels, team battles, beast fights, and last-man-standing bouts. Two-player combat is supported in most modes of play.

  • Earn your freedom one battle at a time in the deadly amphitheatres of Rome

  • Purchase and sell weapons, armor, helmets, and shields

  • Create and customize your own gladiators and fight famous gladiators from the period

  • Six modes of play include "Survival," "Battle Royal," "Duel," "Team Battle," "Hunting," and "Mock Battle"

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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