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In "Cold Winter", you play the role of Andrew Sterling, a former member of MI6, the British secret intelligence service. Andrew is caught preparing to assassinate someone in China, and is thrown into prison. There he faces torture and imminent execution. But a former friend from his MI6 days arranges to rescue him and offers him a job, having planned in advance to manipulate him so that he is unable to refuse. The first task seems fairly ordinary: to track down a weapons dealer who has been supplying terrorists.

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ReleasedMay 11, 2005
DeveloperSwordfish Studios

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Cold Winter is a first-person shooter that has players exploring the far corners of the globe as a disavowed British spy captured in the line of duty. After being rescued from the cold confines of a Chinese prison, players will journey to the bustling streets of Hong Kong, the warm climate of Cairo, and other destinations around the world. A total of eight locales are featured, with the single-player game composed of 13 missions. Instead of following one main narrative, Cold Winter weaves together three separate storylines that touch upon the harsh realities of international espionage and politics. Each storyline has a beginning, middle, and end, and features an estimated 6 to 8 hours of play.

Players will be able to find approximately 30 weapons for use against the soldiers and guards looking to do them harm. Enemies won't stand idly by, however, and will seek cover whenever possible, whether it's kicking down a table or spinning behind a corner to avoid getting hit. Groups will also coordinate attacks and provide cover fire while other units close in. A spy title wouldn't be complete without a variety of gadgets to use, but in Cold Winter, they must first be created: poison can be applied to innocuous items, Molotov cocktails are made by mixing oil rags with bottles of alcohol, and so forth. Cold Winter also allows would-be agents to don various disguises to help them sneak past the enemy when force is not a viable option.

  • Thirty authentically detailed weapons

  • Play up to eight players online and four players offline

  • Six multiplayer modes include "Deathmatch,"King of the Hill," and team play

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    No Tux. No License.
    You are Andrew Sterling5M168gent .
    Nq Mercy.
    Facing execution for spying In China,
    a trusted friend from your past saves
    you at the last minute. You agree to
    work for his prwate security agency,
    but your first Job may be your last,
    as a powerful secret society snares
    you In ther deluded schemes.
    Online shootouts With 8 players
    RCause mayhem In SIX gritty
    yand exotic environments
    Battle Intelligenttenemes who
    take cover-and, call for backup
    Pick up, use, or throw'most obJects
    or combine to create useful'dewces
    Bodies realistically contort as
    they fake Impact,and damage
    - POWERE
    Pender Ware gamespy
    Online license term available at and in-game.
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