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A music trivia game which includes four bespoke buzzers which light up and plug into one of the PS2's USB ports. Four players battle it out over a eight rounds in a gameshow style environment. Other modes include a simple single player mode, a quickfire quiz mode and a quizmaster mode which lets you ask your own questions.

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ReleasedOct 21, 2005

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Welcome to Buzz!, the first in a buzzing new range of quiz shows where you and your friends are the contestants! Featuring 5000 individually prepared music questions -- with over 1000 music clips spanning six decades of music -- Buzz is the ultimate test of musical knowledge. Buzz is a music quiz that anyone can play, appealing to anyone who's ever listened to the radio!

This version of the Buzz! package includes a set of Buzz! Buzzer controllers for up to four players to play the game right out of the box. The Buzzer is cool to use, easy to control, enables the experience and makes it accessible to everyone.

  • Comes complete with four specially made buzzers
  • Over 1000 music clips and over 5000 questions

  • Box Description

    res the ultimate game show
    -liüäinyoutljymg room!
    Test your music knowledge
    Söd buzzer skill' ih the most
    frantik game show ever
    Meet Buzz, the shn/s
    wise-cracking host
    Create a set of quætions
    end host your very game
    shne in Quiz Master Mode
    Feturing more thÄn 1,000
    song clip' and over 5,000
    quætions spanning six
    deadæ of huisic!
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