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Take control of a mischievous monkey to challenge your friends and become "King of the Jungle." Use the Buzz! Buzzers to take part in the fast, fun and frantic action. Mini-games galore: Risk your neck in a lions mouth, pelt coconuts at menacing tortoises or enjoy some "farty" time when relaxing in the jungle Jacuzzi (but beware of the head bashing gorilla!).

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ReleasedOct 02, 2007

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Be the king of the jungle in this fast-paced, multiplayer game that includes 25 mini games. Compete with up to three other players or practice improving skills and speed in a one player game. Games include the Jungle Party take on baseball, hot potato, counting cards, and trying to hide bath time farts from the monkeys, among other basic skills games. Choose favorite games and create tournaments that vary in length and difficulty for friends to participate in and challenge each other. For players who like games that are simply plug and play without having to follow a long story line then Buzz Junior meets the criteria.

  • Features 25 jungle-themed mini-games

  • Personalize one of four monkey contestants

  • Challenge up to three friends in simultaneous competition

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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