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Bomberman Kart is a racing game for PlayStation 2 starring the Bomberman characters. It is similar to Mario Kart. The game supports 4 player local multiplayer using the PlayStation 2 Multitap. The first version was released in 2001 in Japan and later 2003 in Europe. The second version, called Bomberman Kart DX (director's cut) was released in 2004 only in Japan. Both versions have never been released in the United States.

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ReleasedJan 04, 2001

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Hudson brings a sequel to 2001's Bomberman Kart to the PlayStation 2. Bomberman Kart DX is not as much a new game as an upgrade of the tried and true kart racing action found in the original. The numbers of courses and characters have increased, and the graphics have also been improved. Hudson also promises a mode of traditional Bomberman delights -- sure to be a reason many people pick up the game in the first place.

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