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In an adaptation of the "Blade II" movie, you take on the role of the daywalker Blade in his quest to rid the world of vampires. Using weapons such as a pistol, shotgun, or just wooden stakes, you must control Blade to fight through every level's exit to the ultimate confrontation. Determined to stop the vampires, Blade battles through three huge campaigns: The Arcan Mountain Base, Lairs of Buron, and Karkov Tower. Using martial arts and weapons, you'll try to defeat vampires and collect glyphs without getting yourself killed. If you need help, request a tutorial from your friend, Whistler.

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ReleasedSep 02, 2002
DeveloperMucky Foot

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GEKKA NO KENSHI Last Blade I & II 1 2 PS2 NEOGEO Japan Used $52 2019-09-21 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II 2002 XBox PS2 11x14 Framed ORIGINAL Advertisement Wesley Snipes $50.98 2019-10-04 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
GEKKA NO KENSHI Last Blade I & II 1 2 PS2 Best Japan THE LAST BLADE Good $43 2019-09-21 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
PS2 Gekka no Kenshi Last Blade I & II 1 2 Neogeo Japan F/S Very Good $37.98 2019-09-19 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (PlayStation 2, PS2 2002) COMPLETE! - EX! Very Good $31.49 2019-10-01 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade 1 & II 2 Lot Bundle (PlayStation 1 2 PS1 PS2) TESTED FAST SHIPPING Good $19.99 2019-10-07 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2) PS2 Complete Acceptable $14.99 2019-09-23 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
2 Game Lot Blade II + Van Helsing Game PlayStation 2 PS2 Tested ps Acceptable $14.99 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2) PS2 CIB w/Manual COMPLETE ! EXCELLENT ! Very Good $14.98 2019-10-12 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II 2 Marvel (Sony PlayStation 2 Game) PS2 - Tested Works Great!!! Good $13.98 2019-09-20 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) Ps2 Tested Very Good $13.46 2019-09-15 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) COMPLETE ACTIVISION MARVEL FAST SHIP PS2 Very Good $12.73 2019-09-15 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
PlayStation2 -- Musashiden II Blade Master -- PS2. JAPAN GAME. 43111 Good $11 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II Complete Game PlayStation 2 PS2 Tested ps Good $10.99 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2, 2002) DISC ONLY !!! FAST SHIPPING !! PS2 Acceptable $10.75 2019-09-28 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2) PS2 Game Disc Only Good $10 2019-10-13 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
PS2 Musashiden II Blade Master import Japan Very Good Very Good $9.99 2019-10-04 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
(Nearly New) Blade II SLUS-20360 Activision Sony PS2 Video Game - XclusiveDealz Like New $9.72 2019-09-30 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
USED PS2 ??Musashi II Blade Master Very Good $9.13 2019-09-18 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
PlayStation2 -- Musashiden II Blade Master -- PS2. JAPAN GAME. 43111 Good $9 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II (Sony PlayStation 2 PS2) Like New $8.91 2019-10-06 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
USED PS2 ??Musashi II Blade Master Very Good $8.91 2019-10-13 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
USED PS2 ??Musashi II Blade Master Good $8.59 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade II 2 Replacement  PS2 Cover and Case. NO GAME! Brand New $7.99 2019-10-06 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Blade 2 II Playstation 2 PS2 Video Game Good $7.99 2019-09-16 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Musashi II Blade Master USED PS2 Free Shipping Japan Import (PS2-0084) Very Good $7.5 2019-09-20 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
Sony PlayStation 2 PS2 Disc Only Marvel Blade II 2 Black Label Good $6.99 2019-10-14 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.
BLADE II (PS2) (DISC ONLY) 2612 Acceptable $6.49 2019-09-15 eBay .PS2.' | '.Blade II.

Additional Information

Marvel Comics' vampire-fighting superhero sinks his fangs into the PlayStation 2 in a 3D action title inspired by the March 2002 film starring Wesley Snipes as the title character. As the half-human, half-vampire Blade, players must combat vampires and zombies alike across a series of levels divided into three campaigns: The Karkov Tower, Lairs of the Buron, and The Arcan Mountain Base. Using Blade's skills in martial arts, edged weapons, and in throwing projectiles, players fight through multiple environments on their way to finding the exit leading to the next area.

Blade II features a technique called 360° combat, allowing players to fight multiple enemies surrounding the character using the right analog stick. By pointing the stick in the direction of an enemy, Blade will carry out a punch or a kick. Defeating vampires and collecting glyphs (icons found along the ground) earns players points needed to unlock additional weapons. Bonus points are also earned by completing sub-objectives for each mission, such as destroying a specific number of cars, computers, or motorcycles. As players string together the hand-to-hand moves, Blade's bloodlust will increase, enabling him to use rage attacks.

Three levels of rage exist, each dictated by the amount of bloodlust Blade has acquired. The first level of rage allows the character to unsheathe his sword for a limited amount of time, while the remaining two levels add temporary invulnerability and enhanced combat power to the mix. In addition to melee attacks, Blade can fight enemies using a variety of weapons. Each mission begins with an equipment selection screen, allowing Blade to carry a limited amount of firepower to help him combat his vampire foes. Tools of the trade include a shotgun, mach pistol, glaive, serum, reinforced armor, silver knuckle duster, and UV grenades.

Both the shotgun and mach pistol require ammunition, which can also be selected as part of the equipment before a mission begins. Additional clips and shells can usually be found along the ground or tucked away behind an object or two. Health packs are also available on each stage to replenish Blade's life. Blade II includes a separate tutorial conducted by friend and confidant Whistler, who will teach the Daywalker how to fight, block, jump, target enemies, and strafe. Progress during the game can be saved to memory card after each mission or from special save points found within certain levels.

  • Includes a DVD trailer of the movie Blade II

  • Fight enemies from all angles using the analog stick

  • Three different campaigns, each spanning multiple scenarios, take place after the events in the film

  • Earn the right to use Blade's sword by building up his bloodlust through hand-to-hand combat

  • Receive bonuses for completing secondary objectives in each level

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Ilo(easfi JGstice llJitfi
    Vampires. Relentless predators
    that stalk only one type of
    prey: human . For countless
    generations there as ery little
    to s and between mankind and
    the hungering darkness. UntiVnow.
    He is Blade, the Daywalker,—••)
    and he's the Vampires'
    worst nightmare...
    Use martial arts, guns and the Sword
    of the Daywalker in a dance of death
    with your inhuman enemies.
    Deliver last rites to your vile
    vampire victims with gruesome,
    over-the-top finishing moves.
    Keep the forces of evil at bay with
    your 360-degree combat system and
    unstoppable rage powers.
    Blood and Gore
    Strong Language
    ISBN 1-58416-396-8
    0 47875 80423
    NEW 1.1M: CINEMA
    Vibration Function
    ActiviSion, Inc. P.O. Box 67713, Los Angeles, CA 90067
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