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Baldr Force EXE is an Action game, developed by HuneX and published by Alchemist, which was released in Japan in 2005.

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ReleasedApr 07, 2005

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Used PS2 Baldr Force EXE Japan Import (Free Shipping) Good $42.05 2020-12-14 eBay .PS2.' | '.Baldr Force EXE.
PS2 Baldr Force EXE Sony PlayStation 2 Video Game Import JAPAN SLPM-65904 Good $40.99 2020-11-26 eBay .PS2.' | '.Baldr Force EXE.
Used PS2 Baldr Force EXE Japan Import Used $30.85 2020-12-06 eBay .PS2.' | '.Baldr Force EXE.

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PlayStation 2 port of the Dreamcast version of the shooter. The game is a character-based 2D action-shooter, boasting fast action and detailed sprite characters. You play as a member of an anti terrorist army division in the not so distant future where computer networks have run wild. Your goal is to investigate the death of your friend. To do so, you'll make use of a humanoid weapon known as the Shukram. Between the game's action-based battle sequences, you'll work to further your relationship with a six female members of your battalion who occasionally appear in provocative outfits. In addition to a standard version costing 7,140 yen, a limited "Mega Box" version, which includes a couple of character figures and a music CD, is sold for 9,240 yen.

Controls: Gamepad

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