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Two powerful groups, the Alliance and the Vertex, are fighting for world dominance and victory hinges upon the "Raven" pilots. You are a Raven, an elite mech warrior who must choose sides between the fighting powers. Ravens face the ultimate decision in the fight for survival, either to fiercely defend their chosen side or fight alone and face the wrath of all Ravens.

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ReleasedJun 13, 2006
DeveloperFrom Software

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Japanese developer From Software's series of mech combat titles comes to an explosive end on PlayStation 2 with Armored Core: Last Raven. The storyline takes place six months after the events in 2004's Armored Core: Nexus, where the Alliance and Vertex are locked in a bitter struggle for world supremacy. Each faction continues the war with human pilots collectively known as Ravens, who are constantly battling and upgrading their mechs with more than 500 parts, weapons, and options. Last Raven is notable for including human characters, a first for the series, and a dynamic campaign that allows users to shape the narrative through their actions in over 70 missions. Last Raven also features the ability for mechs to continue fighting when faced with a disabled head, arm, or leg. The versus mode in previous versions returns to offer more head-to-head battles from a split-screen viewpoint.

  • The tenth game in the Armored Core franchise makes its final appearance on PlayStation 2

  • Outfit each mech with more than 500 parts

  • Store up to five Armored Cores in a 3D garage

  • Features a faster-paced style of play than previous Armored Core titles

  • Challenge a friend to one-on-one duels

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick, Mouse

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