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You're a little yellow alien. The FBI has shot down your ship while flying over planet Earth. And it, quite literally, lands right on their doorstep. After a series of FBI Agents swipe your ship, what option do you have other than to blow up everything in your path to get it back? Alien Hominid is a 2D side-scrolling shooter with heavy references to the Metal Slug series of games - from the hand-drawn graphics, huge explosions, right down to the ability to eviscerate FBI Agents when you get up close to them. The graphics are by featured artist Dan Paladin. Your goal, is quite simply, to get to the end of the stage, and die as little as possible. Which is made difficult due to the fact that any bullet is an instant kill. To help you out, you can grab a range of power-ups, such as lasers, spread shots, shotguns and more, as well as hijacking vehicles and using them for protection. Grenades can be lobbed, and you can jump on enemy shoulders and choose to bite their heads off if you like, or pick them up and throw them at other enemies. You can also dive underground for a short period of time to avoid enemies - while underground, you can drag agents into the ground to kill them.

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ReleasedNov 18, 2004
DeveloperBehemoth, The

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Alien Hominid PS2 NEW FACTORY SEALED FREE SHIP PLAYSTATION Video Games Behemoth Brand New $34.99 2019-09-29 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid (Sony Playstation 2 ps2) NEW Factory Sealed Brand New $29.99 2019-09-26 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid "Great Condition" (PlayStation 2) Complete PS2 Very Good $24.99 2019-10-03 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid "Great Condition" (PlayStation 2) Complete PS2 Cib Rare Htf Fun !! Very Good $22.5 2019-09-26 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
PS2 Alien Hominid Game Disc only please read description rare Very Good $21.99 2019-10-11 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid PS2 New Playstation 2 Brand New $21.39 2019-10-13 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
ALIEN HOMINID Playstation 2 PS2 Good Good $19.93 2019-10-03 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid Playstation 2 PS2 Complete w Manual Newgrounds Shooter Tested Very Good $18.99 2019-10-09 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid Sony Playstation 2 PS2 Complete with Manual CIB Newgrounds Shooter Very Good $17.99 2019-09-27 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid - PS2 - Complete - Tested - Free Ship Good $16 2019-10-08 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Sony Playstation PS2 Alien Hominid DISC ONLY Video Game Tested & Working Good $15.03 2019-10-12 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid (Sony PlayStation 2, 2004) Disc Only Ps2 Good $13.99 2019-09-22 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid PS2 Game Sony PlayStation 2 No Manual Good $13.49 2019-10-01 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
Alien Hominid PlayStation 2 PS2 (New Manual Only) Brand New $11.99 2019-09-23 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
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Alien Hominid Playstation 2 PS2 Instruction Manual Booklet ONLY Good $8.99 2019-10-14 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.
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Alien Hominid Sony Playstation 2 PS2 Complete with Manual Good $7.7 2019-09-15 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alien Hominid.

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In this latter-day platform shooter from unconventional publisher O~3 Entertainment, players make an emergency stop on the planet known as Earth -- to blast away nosy FBI agents, clueless humans, and just about anything else that moves. Based on the popular Flash animation game by Tom Fulp (programming) and Dan "Synj" Paladin (character design), Alien Hominid casts players in the title role -- a cute little yellow extraterrestrial with a powerful ray gun, an itchy trigger-finger, and a dearth of patience for lower life forms.

Like the online "prototype," console versions of Alien Hominid feature a cartoonish, hand-animated, cel-shaded look, with lots of larger-than-life explosions and shamelessly violent sound effects. The alien can jump, duck, fire in all directions, and slice through opponents who get too close for a blast from his trusty zapper. The game's developers cite classic side-scrolling shooters such as Contra, Gunstar Heroes, and Metal Slug as inspiration, and this influence is easy to see in Alien Hominid's fast-paced action, relentless onslaughts of enemies, entertaining power-ups, and big boss battles.

  • Play the role of a scrappy alien trying to get his UFO back from the F.B.I.

  • Drive five different vehicles including cars, trucks, and UFOs

  • Play a number of single- or multiplayer mini-games or design your own levels using the included Editor

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    POW EV'
    GAM ES,I
    Level Editor
    — (C' 00
    Your UFO has crash landed,
    and the FBI is out to get you!
    Time to take them out!
    "Alien rock
    solid and a blast to play"
    "Everyone likes to root for the
    underdog and this time the
    underdog is packing one hell
    of a game'
    Game Informer
    1-2 Pla ers Memory Card (for -214 KB Analog Control
    Vibration Function Multitap (for PS2) -4 Players Progressive Scan
    0-3 ENTERTAINMENT, Inc. 3350 Scott Blvd. Suite 1201. santa Clara, CA 9515-4
    @2004 0-3 Entertainment 0 2004 The Behemoth, All Rights Reserved.
    The Behemoth
    R 0M
    Blood and Gore
    Cartoon Violence
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