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Based on the successful television show, Alias lets players take on the role of Sydney Bristow, a stealth operative working for the CIA. The game sets the player against two of Bristow's enemies from the original series in a plot which takes her from Saudi Arabia to Rio de Janeiro as she aims to find out about a mysterious device known only as "The Machine". The game was devised in conjunction with the writers from the show and uses official costumes, character shots and voices. Players can use a stealth or action approach to get through the levels. With stealth Bristow needs to hug walls and use the correct timing to approach enemies from behind and knock them out. To accomplish this she has a few gadgets to her disposal, e.g. thermal vision or mini cameras. For the more direct method she uses guns found on neutralised enemies or melee combat. The latter knows different fighting styles depending on which weapon Bristow uses, e.g. knifes, unarmed or even a broom. There are also basic puzzles to solve, e.g. opening doors or a hacking mini game. Health regenerates automatically after a certain amount of time.

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ReleasedApr 07, 2004

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Alias the Game 2003 Xbox PS2 Framed 11x14 ORIGINAL Advertisement Jennifer Garner $50.98 2018-02-08 eBay .PS2.' | '.Alias.
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Additional Information

The first game based on Touchstone Television's hit secret agent series, which made its ABC premiere on September 30, 2001, casts players in the role Sydney Bristow as she embarks on a series of covert missions on behalf of the CIA. The action takes place from a third-person perspective as players use a combination of martial arts moves and high-tech gadgets to infiltrate structures and to disarm enemies. Missions will feature time-based objectives, stealth, espionage, and both hand-to-hand and weapons-based combat. Players will be sent to exotic locales around the world while following a storyline fraught with plot twists and surprises. Developer Acclaim Studios Cheltenham is best known for 2001's futuristic racer, XGIII: Extreme G Racing.

  • Based on the hit television show starring Jennifer Garner

  • Authentic voiceovers, music, and costumes by the Alias TV show crew

  • Combines action and stealth for intense excitement

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    CUNNING. DEADLY. Go deep into her* dangerous
    world - up against the clock, under pressure
    and under fire - unlock the secrets behind
    TV's hottest sensation.
    Official story, dialogue, voiceovers, costumes
    and music by award-winning Alias TV show cast
    and crew, including Jennifer Garner.
    Realistic martia
    plit-screen technology
    delivers cinemati&tensi n
    Touchstone T levisio
    Relentless spy action
    with amazing gadgets
    and disguises
    PR0 LOGIC 11
    Digital Control Anal Control
    Me Card -480 KB
    Vibration Function
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