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Agassi Tennis Generation brings you up close and personal to the biggest stars in tennis. Play as Andre Agassi, or compete against him, as you smash, volley, lob, and serve on courts from all over the world in 16 tournaments. The game features 32 unique players with realistic movements, various court surfaces, and three challenging game modes including Quick Match, Arcade, and Tournament. Can you win your way to the top ranks of tennis stardom?

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ReleasedAug 25, 2003
DeveloperAqua Pacific
PublisherDreamCatcher Interactive

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Andre Agassi returns as spokesperson for his second tennis video game in nearly ten years, this time courtesy of DreamCatcher Interactive. Players can challenge the professional or step into his tennis shoes as they embark on a series of competitive matches held around the world. Twelve courts are available, each with different surface types such as grass or clay, as well as a selection of over 30 athletes with varying abilities in speed, strength, and stamina. Four modes of play include Championship, Quick Match, Tournament, and Arcade.

Championship offers players 10,000 dollars and a number of choices in which to spend it on, from coaches to personal trainers to talent agents. Each individual can help improve an athlete's abilities in specific areas over time. Quick Match drops players onto a court for a single match, while Arcade is designed to offer players a more simplified control scheme. Tournament has players competing against a series of fictitious opponents on each of the 12 courts to win prize money. The PlayStation 2 version of the game features motion-capture animation from Agassi himself.

  • Work your way through 16 tournaments alone or with friends in four-person competitive matches

  • Select from 32 different characters that all have their own skills and abilities

  • Become Andre Agassi and serve on courts all over the world in Quick Match, Arcade, and Tournament play

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Play as Andre Agassi, or
    compete against him, as
    you smash, volley, lob and
    serve on courts from all
    over the world trying
    to win your way to the
    top ranks of tennis
    32 players each with their
    own unique abilities directly
    linked to their game type!
    '16 tournaments inA6 different
    countries on 4 surfaces — each
    surface responds differently!
    Ultra-realistic movements
    and animations!
    Any number from 1 to 4
    players can take part in
    the same match!
    3 game modes to challenge
    you: Quick Match, Arcade
    and Tournament!
    Visit or call
    1-800-771-3772 for Rating
    ISBN 1-55345-222-4
    6 25904 35960 5
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    5000 Dufferin street, Building R. Toronto. Ontario, Canada M3H 5T5.
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