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The player controls the role of a young gunslinger who travels the land fighting villains and playing minigames. The main game play involves you moving around the towns horizontally collecting gold by hitting chest while killing the bad guys at the same time. There is also an RPG element where people have to be visited in towns for information. Once a player has acquired the required gear to be made sherrif, an outlaw must be killed for bonus money. A shooting range is included where players have to shoot down enemy targets while avoiding the targets that represent innocent bystanders.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1992

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Nintendo NES Romstar Cowboy Kid original artwork Transparency Brand New $2009.99 2020-12-02 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
Cowboy Kid (Nintendo NES) Complete in Box NEAR MINT Shape Very Good $1199.99 2020-11-25 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
NES Nintendo Cowboy Kid Video Game Cartridge ROMSTAR NES-9C-USA Very Good $400 2020-11-18 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
NES Nintendo Cowboy Kid Video Game Cartridge ROMSTAR NES-9C-USA Authentic Very Good $375 2020-12-16 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
Cowboy Kid (Nintendo NES, 1992) Tested Works Authentic Very Good $359.99 2020-12-11 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
Cowboy Kid NES Nintendo Empty Box Only Good $352.98 2020-11-20 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
Cowboy Kid 72 pin game card for NES Brand New $28.99 2020-12-03 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.
Cowboy Kid NES Entertainment System - Box only - Top Quality Brand New $16.8 2020-12-02 eBay .NES.' | '.Cowboy Kid.

Box Description

heriff Sam and Little
Chief are coming to
town in this delightful western
adventure. COWBOY KID is
a two player simultaneous
action adventure for the entire
family. COWBOY KID has 4
MEGS of action packed into
this NES cartridge. Players
must learn to be appointed
sheriff so they can rid the West
of the scourge of evil. Can you
bring these dudes to iustice?
Billy Morgan * The Mad Brothers
Coyote Jim * The Scorpion Master
Wild Wolf Chief * Slash Joe * Keith
COWBOY KID rounds UP ar-
cade and adventure action for
the wildest showdown in the
West. Beware rustlers, There's
a new sheriff in town!
Game Pak (NES-GP)
Seal of Quality
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Nintendo and Nintendo
Entertainment Systems are
registered trademarks of
Nintendo of America Inc.
Romstar@ and Cowboy Kid TM
are trademarks of
Romstar, Incorporated
01991 Romstar, Incorporated
Romstar, Incorporated
Consumer Products Division
22857 Lockness Avenue
Torrance, CA 90501
Made in Japan
assurance that Nintendoe
has approved the quality of
this product. Always look
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Nintendo Entertainment System.

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