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Parasitis wanders throughout the universe consuming everything in sight including whole planets. He has even swallowed a hospital ship with Princess Maria inside. You assume the role of Second Lieutenant Nazal. Travel through Parasitis' body to the core to rescue the Princess. Fight a variety of vicious organisms with missiles and lasers in six stages of internal combat.

Save the Princess; travel inside a giant organism; fight a variety of monsters; large number of weapons; six stages

Controls: Gamepad, Joystick

ReleasedMar 01, 1990
PublisherMilton Bradley Company

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Abadox Nes Factory sealed Graded Brand New $200 2019-02-11 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War Near Mint NES Nintendo VGA READY Brand New $115 2019-01-21 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War NES Nintendo CIB Complete in Box cleaned tested Very Good $73.58 2019-01-29 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
AbadoX NES, HTF, Good copy of this classic game and FREE ship Good $60 2019-01-29 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Captain Skyhawk + Abadox - Nintendo NES Very Good $35 2019-02-02 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox: The Deadly Inner War (NES, 1990) Good $32.99 2019-01-24 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox COMPLETE BOX - NINTENDO NES - FAST SHIPPING! 11 Good $29.99 2019-02-16 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
ABADOX - Nes ( Nintendo Entertainment System ) Game Only ! Good $27.25 2019-02-15 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox: (Nintendo Entertainment System, NES 1990) CIB Complete in box manual Very Good $25 2019-02-12 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
ABADOX NES NINTENDO GOOD Acceptable $22.18 2019-01-24 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
ABADOX CART GAME NES NINTENDO GAME *TESTED* Good $21.76 2019-02-06 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
ABADOX NES NINTENDO ACCEPTABLE Acceptable $20.43 2019-01-31 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox The Deadly Inner War Nintendo Entertainment System NES Very Good $20 2019-01-23 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
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Abadox with instruction manual Nintendo NES game Very Good $20 2019-01-22 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox NES Nintendo Good $19.99 2019-01-22 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
Abadox NES Nintendo Instruction Book Manual Only / No Box or Cart Like New $19.99 2019-01-20 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
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NES Abadox: The Deadly Inner War Nintendo Entertainment System 1990 Video Game Very Good $17.45 2019-01-20 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
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Abadox NES 8 Bit Nintendo Official Vidpro Card Like New $12.99 2019-02-05 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
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Nes - Abadox the Deadly Inner War (CHOOSE YOUR CART) Free shipping No box Acceptable $10.99 2019-01-20 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.
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Abadox NES Nintendo Instruction Manual Only Acceptable $6.99 2019-01-30 eBay .NES.' | '.Abadox.

Box Description

The Deadly Inner War
Your home planet of Abadox has been swallowed
whole by the deadliest menace in space! Its name:
Parasitis. Its prey: All surrounding life forms. Its
goal: To feed on the entire Universe!
You are Second Lieutenant Nazal, the only
surviving warrior of The World Alive Force.
Parasitis has crushed The Force's attack ships and
consumed a hospital ship—with the beautiful
Princess Maria still on board! Your Mission: Blast
your way inside Parasitis' gruesome body and
battle your way to its Core. Hurry! Princess Maria
may still be alive!
Hurtle down Parasitis' throat, blast through its
cellular walls! Fend off vicious, bloodthirsty
organisms with guided missiles and lasers in Six
Stages of Internal Combat! Kill each Stage's
guardian monsters so you can reach the Core!
Destroy Parasitis, rescue Princess Maria and save
the Universe!
Tw Megabit memory for incredible graphics
and game play!
Distributed and marketed by Milton Bradley Company,
Springfield, MA 01101. A Subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.
Made in Japan
@1989 Natsume
Nintendo and Nintendo Entertainment System are
registered trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.
Game Pak (NES-C,P)
01989 Milton Bradley Company. All Rights Reserved.
Battle Deathface's floating
eyeballs that follow
your every move!
Plunging downward, avoid
the pulsating horns of
the dreaded Cilia monster!
Fire the powerful
Paradora gun to blast
attacking predators!
Seal of Quality
'l'his official seal is vour assurance that
Nintendo has approved the quality of this
product. Always look for this seal when
buying games and accessories to ensure
complete compatibility with your Nintendo
Entertainment Svstem.

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