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Dezaemon 3D is a video game and game creator for the Nintendo 64. It was released only in Japan in 1998. The game's editor allows players to design their own shooting game levels similar to the levels shown in Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth. The game has a large number of options, from creating the stage boss or adding a custom soundtrack for each level. It was originally developed alongside an ultimately unreleased accompanying expansion disk title for 64DD.

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ReleasedJun 26, 1998

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Dezaemon 3D Nintendo 64 N64 Japan Authentic Like New $63.9 2019-10-04 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
N64 -- Dezaemon 3D -- Boxed. Can data save! Nintendo 64, JAPAN Game. 20650 Good $53 2019-10-02 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
Nintendo 64 Dezaemon 3D n64 W/box manual japan game 387 Very Good $51 2019-09-19 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
Dezaemon 3D Nintendo 64 N64 JAPAN Authentic Very Good $43.9 2019-09-19 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
DEZAEMON 3D Nintendo 64 Import Japan N64 Used $43 2019-09-30 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
Dezaemon 3D N64 Nintendo 64 Athena Shooting Very Good $42.88 2019-10-04 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
DEZAEMON 3D Nintendo 64 Import Japan N64 Used $40.21 2019-10-10 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
Nintendo 64 Dezaemon 3D N64 Japan Good $29.99 2019-10-01 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
N64 -- Dezaemon 3D -- Can Backup! Nintendo 64, JAPAN GAME. Works fully!! 20650 Acceptable $29 2019-10-02 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.
DEZAEMON 3D N64 Nintendo 64 japan Very Good $20 2019-09-19 eBay .N64.' | '.Dezaemon 3D.

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Athena's Dezaemon 3D is a "build-your-own-shooter" creativity app, released only in the Japanese market. Using an extensive graphical menu system, players can create their own levels, cut-scenes, polygon models, backgrounds, textures, enemy AI, and even compose their own music. Whether you want to make a Star Fox clone, an overhead shooter or a sidescroller, if you can think it up, you can build it. While the menus are all in English, the tutorial and manual are in Japanese which means you will have to invest quite some time to figure it all out. But if you've always dreamt of making your own game, this is your best chance.

  • 3D Polygon modeling
  • Shooting game editor
  • 32,000 colors
  • 4-track / 4-octave music tool

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