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40 Winks is a 3D action-platform game in which you play as Ruff or Tumble, two children who must battle ghosts, goblins and other monsters in their dream-world. They must try to capture 40 winks scattered around the world in order to stop an evil old man named Nitekap. Nitekap wants to turn the winks into hood-winks, the things responsible for nightmares. You also have to find the 12 dream keys to unlock the boss level. A unique aspect of the game allows the players to temporarily morph into different costumes with special abilities. The costumes include a Prehistoric Man, Jester, Super Hero, and Ninja.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1999
PublisherGT Interactive

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40 Winks N64 Collectord Edition Kickstarter Brand New $200 2019-05-14 eBay .N64.' | '.40 Winks.
40 Winks - N64 Video Game - Nintendo 64 Kickstarter Campaign Boxed - New In Box Brand New $149.99 2019-05-02 eBay .N64.' | '.40 Winks.
40 Winks N64 Controller Kickstarter Brand New $90 2019-04-27 eBay .N64.' | '.40 Winks.

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The battle for the world's dreams has begun Ruff and his twin, Tumble, are on a mission to save our dreams from evil monsters by collecting and saving the 40 WINKS. Developed by European super-developer Eurocom, 40 WINKS follows the adventures of the siblings, who are battling baddies in order to save the world's dreamers from having permanent nightmares. Levels include a Medieval Castle, a Space Adventure, a Pirate Harbor, an Atlantis-esque Undersea Quest, an over-sized Toy Box, a Haunted House, and last but not least, a Prehistoric Adventure. Players can also assume different power-ups and attributes by changing costumes, ranging from a Ninja outfit that grants Ruff or Tumble mind-control and sword attacks, to a robot costume that allows your character to fly and fire missiles. Fun and addictive mini-games are also littered throughout that range from Dragon Racing against the bad guys to Biscuit Spitting an Ancient pirate tradition that plays out like a decathlon event. Save the world and its dreams with 40 WINKS for the N64.

two playable characters; save the world's dreams; battle a variety of enemies; unique level environments; variety of power-ups and attributes

Controls: Gamepad, Joystick

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