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Terrorists have taken control of a top-secret undersea weapons facility! Unless the U.N. meets their demands, the terrorists will detonate a deep-sea thermonuclear device that will tear the earth apart. Facing global panic, the U.N. calls the X-PERTS, a 3-person ultra-secret counter-terrorist team. If the X-PERTS fail, the world pays! Play all three X-Perts at the same time and switch X-Perts during the game. Each X-Pert has unique attack weapons, technical skills, kill moves, and torture moves to extract information from human enemies. Use the X-Perts technical skills to hack computers and program robots. Real-world game play, where the game automatically saves the impact of your action and evolves as you play!

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ReleasedJun 07, 1996
DeveloperAbalone Entertainment
PublisherDeep Water

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An undersea weapons facility has been taken over by terrorists who are threatening to detonate a thermo-nuclear device. It's up to the counter-terrorist team the X-Perts to defeat the enemy and retake the facility. Players can switch between three characters: Eternal Champions' Shadow Yamoto and her two colleagues, computer programmer Zachary Taylor and robotics engineer Tashile Claudel. They all have unique weapons, attacks, torture moves, and technical skills required to advance through each level.

  • Stop terrorists from detonating a thermo-nuclear device

  • Play as three chracters, including Shadow Yamoto from Eternal Champions

  • Each character has unique attacks, weapons, and skills

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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