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Once there was peace in the Galaxy. Then the evil Grim Squidge stole all the stars, threatening to hurl the Galaxy into a horrible Cosmic Void. Who will save the stars before it's too late? Tinhead, Defender of the Edge of the Galaxy of course! Lead, slide, hop, fly and shoot your way through the wacky worlds and super-tricky challenging levels as you guide Tinhead ti free the stars. Take on pesky spinning Krystals, relentless flying Saw-Sirs and hordes of mega-tough bosses. Grab radical power-ups and zany vehicles like Batteries, Hyper-Hoppers and Rocket Packs to help Tinhead through each weird, monster-jammed world. 4 tin-tillating worlds with 24 super challenging levels. Unique pause-and-scroll to see the action offscreen. 3-way shooting power to blast the baddies. Dozens of power-ups and hidden bonus areas.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedJan 01, 1993
PublisherSpectrum Holobyte

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Tinhead - Sega Genesis Complete Very Good $80 2019-10-04 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead - Sega Genesis Game Complete Very Good $63.92 2019-09-26 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
???? Tinhead Sega Genesis Disk Only Good $52.79 2019-09-29 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) Like New $40 2019-10-08 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead Sega Genesis 1993 Cartridge with Box TESTED Good $39.99 2019-09-22 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) CIB Very Nice Condition Tested Works Like New $29.99 2019-10-04 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) Like New $25 2019-10-12 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
TINHEAD Sega Genesis game WITH CASE! Good $22.88 2019-09-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead, Sega Genesis, Authentic, Tested And Working ! Game Only Good $21.04 2019-09-19 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) Good $20 2019-10-03 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead - Sega Genesis Very Good $19.99 2019-09-20 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead - Sega Genesis - Cleaned & Tested Good $15 2019-09-25 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
sega genesis games Tinhead Acceptable $14.6 2019-09-20 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) Working Game Only Good $13.59 2019-09-18 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis) Cart Only GREAT Shape Good $11.49 2019-09-29 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) [Cart Only] Very Good $10.95 2019-10-02 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead Sega Genesis Cart Only Cleaned & Tested Acceptable $8.99 2019-09-24 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead (Sega Genesis, 1993) Cartridge Only Good $6.36 2019-09-27 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.
Tinhead - SEGA Genesis - Replacement Case *NO GAME* Brand New $5.99 2019-10-14 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Tinhead.