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In 21th century, there are three main powers on the Earth. The free world and the communist block carried over from the 20th century; the third power is the New Communist Federation. Since a program of denuclearizing was supported by all those powers, the New Communist Federation developed a devastating non-nuclear weapon: the satellite "Raiden". The two other powers competed with the New Communist Federation, developing their own killer satellites, and the danger of total annihilation became once again an issue. Seeing no future for the Earth, humans started to colonize other planets. In 22th century, they sent an experimental ship "Septemius 1" to a star six light years far away from the Solar System. The ship's main computer, "Racoon", sent a strange message before stopping any communication. You are Keith McDonnell, a seventeen-year-old crew member of the ship "Septemius 2" that was sent to investigate the strange disappearance. Will you be able to uncover the mystery?

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ReleasedApr 27, 1990
DeveloperT&E Soft
PublisherSigma Enterprises

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Sega Mega Drive Genesis Moving Adventure Psy O Blade NTSC-J Tested 870l Good $28.8 2019-10-10 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Psy O Blade.