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Now it's your chance to play God! Create the world in a week and destroy it in a heartbeat. Conquer 5,000 hostile worlds. Unleash floods, volcanos, swamps and earthquakes. The player has the ability to shape the landscape and grow their civilization with the overall aim of having it conquer an enemy force, which is led by an opposing deity.

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ReleasedAug 08, 1991
DeveloperBullfrog Productions
PublisherElectronic Arts Sega

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SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis game - Populous US CIB, boxed very good condition Very Good $1352.39 2019-09-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis game - Populous US CIB, boxed very good condition Very Good $932.99 2019-09-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous for the Sega Genesis system Very Rare BRAND NEW Factory Sealed Brand New $199.99 2019-09-21 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous - SEGA - Genesis - Mega Drive - Boxed Good $76.64 2019-10-11 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous - Sega Genesis Complete Very Good $65 2019-10-06 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
SEGA GENESIS GAME POPULOUS COMPLETE W BOX & MANUAL CDX JVC X EYE NOMAD Good $41.99 2019-10-11 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Sega Genesis Populous Game, Complete, Electronic Arts Good $33.99 2019-09-30 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous Complete for Sega Genesis System *TESTED & AUTHENTIC* Very Good $31.95 2019-09-30 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
POPULOUS SEGA GENESIS VIDEO GAME COMPLETE IN BOX GOOD CONDITION Good $27.96 2019-09-17 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous Sim EA Bullfrog Sega Genesis EXMT cond Good $24.99 2019-09-29 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous (Sega Genesis, 1990) Cartridge Only, Complete Very Good $20.99 2019-10-12 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous for Sega GenesisĀ (1990) w/ Box and Manual - Complete Good $20.1 2019-09-15 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous (Sega Genesis, 1990) Complete FAIR Acceptable $19.99 2019-09-24 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous (Sega Genesis) Cart Only GOOD Good $14.1 2019-10-12 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Mega-Drive Genesis -- POPULOUS -- Boxed. JAPAN GAME. Work fully!!11552 Acceptable $14 2019-09-30 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Sega Genesis Populous Cartridge Tested & Working R20094 Good $13.99 2019-09-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous - Sega Genesis (Instruction Manual Only) Acceptable $13 2019-10-01 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
POPULOUS Genesis Vidpro Card Brand New $12.99 2019-09-17 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous Sega Genesis Manual instruction booklet Only NO GAME EA games Very Good $10 2019-09-26 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
POPULOUS Sega Mega Drive Genesis Complete in Box Japan Import Cartridge 011002 Acceptable $7.2 2019-10-12 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous (Sega Genesis, 1990) cib Good $7 2019-09-16 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous - Sega Genesis Box Only! with built in style insert Used $7 2019-10-06 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.
Populous - Sega Genesis (Instruction Booklet/Manual Only) Good $6.99 2019-09-17 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Populous.

Additional Information

Populous for the Sega Genesis gives you the power to completely control a world, bestowing you with the gift to control natural disasters like volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires. You must also prepare lands for settlement and expansion. The larger the settlement, the more advanced it becomes.

With great power also comes great responsibility, so it's up to you to defeat the forces of evil in a showdown at the Armageddon. You command a group of loyal followers who obey your every whim. Send them into battle, or make them build a castle for defense. It's your decision.

As you build strength and gain followers, your powers grow and so does your ability to crush the dark enemy. No one ever said being a god was easy, but Populous makes it possible to live out the ultimate supernatural fantasy. Five hundred worlds are yours for the conquering.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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