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After many generations of peace, the Dark Forces have assembled again, and as a member of the USS Freedom Forces, it is your job to defeat them once again. This means you will have to complete numerous large levels always searching for secrets to pick up and enemies to shoot. To do this, you can pick up three different, upgradeable shots: a multiple, a laser and a rebound. You can also go into wheel-mode (as long as you have enough special energy) or use a rope. In wheel-mode, you are invincible and can lay mines or explore previously unreachable areas.

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ReleasedOct 05, 1994
DeveloperFactor 5
PublisherData East Sony Electronic Publishing

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This Mega Turrican developed for Sega Genesis, is the final Turrican saga video game chapter, where the players have to complete numerous large levels shooting to the enemies and searching for secretes to pick up. As to be able to do this, the gamers can pick up different shots like a Laser one or a multiple spread gun. Is also selectable a wheel mode, that allows to reach a status of invincibility.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick