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James Bond 007: The Duel is a platform side-scroller which requires precision in jumping (Bond will easily die if he falls from high places) and shooting (the player will have to learn to preserve ammo and reload the pistol without being shot at). The player will have to find all women hostages and disarm bombs in each level to proceed. Hostages will give the player extra lives and ammo.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1993
PublisherDomark Tengen

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Your name is Bond. James Bond. Your mission? To infiltrate a remote Caribbean island in order to defeat a mad professor and his loyal followers. Along the way you'll need to rescue hostages (female, of course) and deal with your former arch enemies. Apparently, the mad professor has developed a cloning machine to bring your deadliest foes back to life. Now you'll once again face Jaws, Baron Samedi, Oddjob and more as you explore the following four locales: a Tanker in the waters near the island; the Jungle surrounding the hideout; through caverns inside a Volcano; and the final mission on board a Space Shuttle.

The game is structured much like Namco's Rolling Thunder series as you use a gun (Walther PPK) to shoot armed guards blocking your progress. The tuxedo-clad Bond can also somersault jump, climb up or down ladders, and use grenades found at various points within the level. The character will also be able to duck into alcoves or doorways for cover. To complete the mission, you must rescue a specific number of hostages, disarm certain bombs, and find your way to the exit, which is usually guarded by one of your nemeses. Three difficulty levels (normal, hard or manic) will change the number of hits you can take before packing it in. Successfully complete the four missions and you'll save the world. Just another day at the office, eh James?

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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