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Generations Lost is a platform action game in which the player takes the role of Monobe, an adventurer on the search for the past of his people. Thanks to his magic armour Monobe is able to execute many different moves. Besides running and jumping, Monobe can roll on the ground, deliver blows with hands and feet, and shoot energy balls. With the help of an energy rope Monobe can swing from platform to platform. Most of the time, Monobe has to solve several puzzles, find secret switches and survive deadly traps. The game is split into six areas which can be accessed via the "Magic Box" teleporter.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1994
DeveloperPacific Softscape
PublisherTime Warner Interactive

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You are Monobe of the blood of Keptan, and you are the last of your line. One morning while standing before a campfire under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, a wizened elder named Geezer informs you of your destiny. At the break of dawn you are to journey far and wide on an enigmatic quest for truth and identity through lands populated by strange creatures. You must do this in preparation to lead the people out of the troubled land and take them to a new beginning. If you are successful, you will "arrive where you started, yet know the place for the first time."

Your journey will be a perilous one so Geezer has seen fit to provide you with a suit of strange and magical powers. The suit's primary purpose is to provide you with an Energy Radiator, a special weapon that also acts as a device that enables you to move around. It is only effective when fully energized.

After using the Energy Radiator," you must wait a few seconds for it to reenergize itself before you can operate it again. When used as a means of transport, the "E-Rad" sends a repelling beam that enables you to climb up or down to formerly unreachable places. When used as a weapon, the Energy Radiator fires like a gun. Jumping on a Quick-Charger will give your weapon the added capability of rapid fire. Shooting, punching and avoiding flying Camorocks, stone-throwing Armafers and other enemies is indeed a big part of your job, but you must also explore hidden rooms and solve puzzles.

Another useful device in this game is a Plunker. Plunkers are active only in Plunker zones, which are marked by Plunker Markers. You can use these nifty items to travel fast while eluding enemies and other dangers and to swing over land and water. Some of the items in this game (such as shields and pieces of the Polyphase Conducter) are concealed inside lockers, which can be opened only if you have a key. You'll find one key hidden near each locker.

There are six platform-ridden levels for you to explore in this game, each with up to five separate sectors. Situated throughout the jungles, buildings, caves and other places are Transnodes, which are chambers that enable you to transport between levels. Sometimes you will need to have certain items in your inventory prior to transporting or you will get an "ACCESS DENIED" message. When you are ready to stop playing, a password feature will let you begin a future game at any of the checkpoints you have reached.

You begin Generations Lost with three lives and can accumulate more by collecting power-ups. A life energy indicator in the upper left corner of the screen lets you know how healthy you are. Every time you make contact with an obstacle or enemy, you lose a portion of life energy. You can restore your life energy by jumping on health power-up platforms that are located at various points within the levels. The game ends only when you run out of lives or come to understand the fate of the lost generations -- and your own destiny.

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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