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After the Evil Wizard captures the four leaders of the Enchanted Island, it's up to a dimwitted wizard named Flink to rescue them. In THE MISADVENTURES OF FLINK, you play the role of the title character as you set out on a quest to defeat the Evil Wizard and save your leaders and your homeland. You'll have to use all your magic powers to get through six islands and more than 50 levels of spell-casting mayhem. If you're able to vanquish the four Demon Guardians and free your leaders, together you just might be able to defeat the Evil Wizard and restore order. Get ready for a wacky world of wizardry and warfare as you try to save the day in THE MISADVENTURES OF FLINK.

You're Flink, the hapless wizard; rescue your leaders from the grips of the Evil Wizard; take on the Demon Guardians with your magic abilities; six islands to explore; more than 50 levels total

Controls: Gamepad

ReleasedJan 01, 1994
PublisherSony Electronic Publishing

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