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"Devilish" is different from other paddle games by letting you play with two paddles. The lower one behaves just like a usual paddle - you use it to prevent the ball from dropping down. The upper one can move and turn, allowing you to hit the ball from different angles and from different parts of the screen. You advance through levels by destroying bricks and enemies, going up until the level boss enemy appears.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1992
DeveloperAisystem Tokyo
PublisherSage's Creation Hot B

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DEVILISH THE NEXT POSSESSION BOXED SEGA GENESIS GAME TESTED & WORKING Good $53.76 2019-09-24 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Devilish The Next Possession.
DEVILISH THE NEXT POSSESSION Genesis Vidpro Card Brand New $12.99 2019-09-17 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Devilish The Next Possession.