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The Davis Cup is an annual international team event in men's tennis. The participating countries, consisting of different players, compete in both singles and doubles matches. The entire championship has been made available in this game, and the matches are played using a third-person perspective. There are different types of courts and difficulty levels. Aside from the championship, you can also practice, enter tournaments or play exhibition matches. Work along with a friend as a team or compete in singles matches. Aside from the familiar strokes, timing is important to determine the amount of spin.

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ReleasedAug 15, 1993

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While professional tennis players can potentially make millions of dollars competing on the pro circuit, most of them would trade that money for a chance to represent their country in the Davis Cup an international competition that crowns the winning team as the best in the world. Now you can be a part of the patriotic process with DAVIS CUP TENNIS for the Sega Genesis. There are 16 countries to choose from, each with a roster of world-class players. You can play on three playing surfaces hardcourt, grass, and clay each having different effects on the ball. The game is played with a split-screen view, so you'll always be able to watch the action from directly behind your player. No matter what country you play for, your sense of pride and patriotism will lead you to victory in DAVIS CUP TENNIS.

16 countries to choose from; split-screen action; three playing surfaces; play singles or doubles; one or two players

Controls: Gamepad

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