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Will and Rick were like two peas in a pod or more accurately, two cowpokes in a corral. In other words, these two cowboys were best of friends and nothing could tear them apart that is, until Jenny came to town. Since her arrival, the two best friends have become bitter rivals, each vying for her attention and affection. When Jenny's father decides to send her on a trip around the world, Will and Rick decide to race each other to see which one of them will accompany her. Through deserts, icebergs, shark-infested waters, and even ancient ruins these two go head-to-head in the wackiest race you've ever seen. In split-screen action, you and your opponent (either the computer or a friend) will have to use fancy footwork and a few tricks to be the first to the finish line and win Jenny's heart.

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ReleasedJun 15, 1993
DeveloperData East
PublisherData East

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Dashin' Desperadoes is a racing game with a twist; instead of climbing into a vehicle and accelerating toward the finish line, you'll have to run as fast as you can using your own two feet! Cowpokes Will and Rick were the best of friends until a certain someone waltzed into their lives: a young girl by the name of Jenny.

Now both characters find themselves competing to win her attention, doing their best to make sure only one remains in the picture! The object of the game is to beat your opponent (either a friend or the computer) by being the first to reach the end of the level. Along the way, you'll need to watch out for dangers such as rolling boulders, angry birds and even the odd monkey or two!

Both Will and Rick are viewable at once thanks to a horizontally-split screen. Players can also pick up various power-ups to impede their opponent's progress. The five available weapons are as follows: bombs, fire, thunder, freeze projectiles and barbells. A sixth item can also be found, special bombs, which are used to defeat level bosses.

The action in Dashin' Desperadoes is divided into six worlds with three stages each. You'll race through a town, wilderness, ocean, jungle, iceberg and even across ancient ruins. Points are earned through clearing stages within a certain amount of time, grabbing items along the way or smashing enemies blocking your path. Keep up the pace, find hidden shortcuts and jump over barriers until you reach Jenny!

Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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