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Dangerous Seed (デンジャラスシード) is a 1989 arcade shoot-'em-up by Namco ported to the Sega Mega Drive in 1990. Both versions were released exclusively in Japan. The Moon Diver is a ship consisting of three sub-ships, sometimes called wings: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. You must stop an alien invasion whose base is Danger Seed by going through several "tubes;" however before the game starts Beta and Gamma break off and you must begin with Alpha alone. A shoots a normal shot which can be rapidfired. B shoots a bomb (you have a limited supply of bombs). As you pass through each tube, your ship collects wings; use C to change the arrangement of wings. Powerups are collected as in most schmups.

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ReleasedDec 18, 1990
DeveloperTose Software

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Dangerous Seed Game for Sega Genesis! Cart & Box! Very Good $50 2019-09-02 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Dangerous Seed.