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Sticks and stones might make him groan, but clay really ticks him off! Bad Mister Frosty is the name, and action is the game. Fists and feet will fly (and other parts) as Frosty and his friends smack it out in head-to-head fighting action.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedNov 01, 1993
DeveloperVisual Concepts Ringler Studios
PublisherInterplay Entertainment

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Clayfighter - Sega Genesis Game Very Good $19.42 2020-11-18 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
Clayfighter (Sega Genesis) with Case Good $16.79 2020-12-09 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
CLAYFIGHTER 1994 Authentic Sega Genesis TESTED Very Good $13.32 2020-11-27 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
Clayfighter Sega Genesis Instruction Manual Booklet ONLY Clay Fighter Good $9.99 2020-12-07 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
Clayfighter-Sega Genesis--cart Only!label damaged. Good $7 2020-12-02 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
ClayFighter SEGA Genesis Instruction Manual Only - Good Good $4.99 2020-12-01 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.
Clayfighter Sega Genesis Manual Only Original Authentic VG Condition Very Good $4 2020-11-29 eBay .Genesis.' | '.ClayFighter.