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AL MICHEAELS CALLS THE PLAY-BY-PLAY! Brutal Checks. Awesome Stick Saves. 100 MPH One-Timers. This is Hockey With An Attidude. All the hard-hitting NHLPA players. True NHL-style stats. Real ice-grinding hockey action. In this game you're playing for keeps. Control the blue-line with guys like Leetch and Bourque. Blank-'em in the crease with guys like Richter and Irbe. Take it down the wing and into the slot behind scoring legends like Modano, Yzerman, Bure, and of course, Brett Hull. Can you make the cut? Only the stats will tell. Shots, checks, penalties, and passing percentages. Make it or miss, it's crunch time. And this time, it's for real.

- TheGamesDB

ReleasedJan 01, 1994
DeveloperRadical Entertainment
PublisherSport Accolade

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Skate with cover star Brett Hull and other players of the NHLPA as your guide your favorite team through an 84-game season. Award-winning broadcaster Al Michaels calls the play-by-play as you skate across an isometric view of the rink. In addition to the season option, players can select an exhibition game or jump straight to the playoffs in a best of three, five, or seven-game format. The "coach team" screen before each game allows you to individually adjust a team's rating in such areas as puck control, aggression, and shooting to further customize the on-ice action. Other options include adjustable season lengths, period lengths, and toggles for penalties, line changes, and commentary. The 26 included teams are identified only by city name due to the game's lack of an NHL license. The Genesis version also features a battery-backed save feature.

  • Features an NHLPA license for over 600 authentic hockey players

  • Athletes are rated in skating, shooting, strength, stick handling, defensive skill, and aggressiveness

  • Listen to veteran broadcaster Al Michaels call the play-by-play

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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