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Blockout is a Tetris variant with an added twist: it's in 3D. The player can rotate the blocks in 3D in order to fit them into the pit they are being guided into. Advanced users can play this game with odd three-dimensional pieces, or change the size of the pit, for depth of between 6 and 18 piles, and width and length of between 3 and 7.

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ReleasedJan 01, 1991
DeveloperCalifornia Dreams Electronic Arts
PublisherElectronic Arts Sega

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Block Out Complete in original case w/ manual Sega Genesis blockout Good $44.95 2018-12-03 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
BLOCKOUT (Sega Genesis) Complete In Box CIB with Protective Plastic Case Good $26.99 2018-12-09 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Sega Genesis Blockout Arcade video game Good $16.15 2018-11-30 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout Sega Genesis Mega Drive. Brand New $15.99 2018-12-02 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout 3-D Arcade Action Sega Genesis 1991 complete very nice condition Very Good $15.9 2018-11-21 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Collection Sale Complete Blockout Sega Genesis Very Good $14.99 2018-12-16 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Sega Genesis Blockout video game nice condition Tested Good $14.99 2018-12-09 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
BlockOut Sega Genesis Original Cartridge & Cardboard Box(Case): TESTED, NICE!!! Very Good $14.98 2018-12-03 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
BLOCKOUT 3D ARCADE ~ Sega Genesis ~ CIB Complete * Black Cartridge, Manual, Box  Very Good $14.5 2018-11-25 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout - Sega Genesis Game Cartridge Only tested and working Good $13.98 2018-11-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Vintage Rare 1991 Sega Genesis Blockout Video Game Good $13.98 2018-12-14 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Sega Mega Drive Genesis Blockout CIB Japan Import US Seller 15% Off 2+ Very Good $13.5 2018-11-26 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout Block Out 3D Arcade Action Sega Genesis Game Instruction Manual Only Good $12.98 2018-12-14 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Block Out (Sega Genesis 1991) Game Cartridge *Authentic* Blockout CLEANED/TESTED Good $10 2018-12-05 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Block Out (Sega Genesis 1991) Game Cartridge *Authentic* Blockout CLEANED/TESTED Acceptable $9.99 2018-11-18 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout for Sega Genesis. Cartridge only in good shape Very Good $9.5 2018-11-23 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout Sega Genesis Video Game Cart Good $8.94 2018-11-29 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout 3-D Arcade Action! (Sega Genesis) Complete, CIB, Paper Box, Breakout Acceptable $7.99 2018-11-28 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
Blockout Sega Genesis Instruction Book Only Good $2.99 2018-11-25 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.
BlockOut 3-D Arcade Action Instruction Booklet Manual ONLY Sega Genesis Very Good $2.5 2018-11-21 eBay .Genesis.' | '.Blockout.