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Based on the 1993 movie of the same name. The object is to defeat a burglar who managed to find Dennis' town via the local railroad connection. Stages include Mr. Wilson's house, the great outdoors, a boiler room, and eventually the big boss battle with the burglar himself.

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ReleasedFeb 01, 1994

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Dennis the Menace for play on Game Boy is based directly on John Hughes' 1993 film adaptation of the long-running Hank Ketchum cartoon strip. The game features left-to-right side-scrolling platform and combat stages set in Mr. Wilson's house, the woods, an adventure park, and the school. After accidentally interrupting a garden party at his neighbor Mr. Wilson's house, young Dennis Mitchell witnesses the villainous Switchblade Sam stealing a valuable coin collection as sees it as his duty to get the coins back to their rightful owner. Dennis encounters many adversaries who would unwittingly deter him from capturing the thief -- not the least of whom is his overzealous coach in the school gym -- but armed with his water pistol, slingshot, or peashooter, the young hero must make his way through to the end.

  • Side-scrolling action based on the 1993 John Hughes feature film

  • Make righteous mischief in the woods the adventure park, and beyond

  • Track down the thief Switchblade Sam to recover Mr. Wilson's coins

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

  • Box Description

    Yipes! Grab your slingshot, water pistol
    and peashooter. Mr. Wilson's valuable coin
    collection has been stolen!
    Dennis was only trying to help - he didn't mean to ruin
    Mr. Wilson's garden club party. But when Dennis is around, one
    thing always seems to go wrong: EVERYTHING! Now his only
    chance to win back Mr. Wilson's friendship is to go after that
    thieving thug, Switchblade Sam. If he can get out of Mr.
    Wilson's house, Dennis will have to brave the weird woods, the
    spookysewers, theadventurcpark; and the crazed coach in the
    school gym before he even gets a shot at Sam. In this late-night
    escapade, evetyone he meets will be a menace to Dennis!
    Reqvering the coin collection and bringing Switchblade Sam to
    justictwill be an adventure more harrowing than a garden full
    of cheek-pinchers - but if Dennis can't do it, then nobody can,
    fergosh sakes!
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