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Game Boy - Days of Thunder Box Art Front

A NASCAR racing simulation video game loosely based on the 1990 movie Days of Thunder. The game utilized elements from the movie, using a movie license from Paramount Pictures for its graphical elements, plot, and music soundtrack.

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ReleasedFeb 01, 1992
DeveloperArgonaut Games

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The stock car action in the film DAYS OF THUNDER has been shrunk down and put on the Game Boy. You take the role of rookie driver Cole Trickle, and you'll have to take on a grueling eight-race season on seven different tracks. Before each race, you must participate in a four-lap qualifying round to earn your starting position. Once the race beings, you must try to reach and stay in the lead. However, your vehicle and tires will take damage, so you'll have to decide when to make pit stops and what repairs to make while in the pits. If you have good driving skills and make strategic decisions about pit stops, then you might have a chance at winning it all in DAYS OF THUNDER.

  • Compete on five tracks

  • Improve your car's wear-and-tear by making pit stops

  • Challenge three friends in races spanning up to 40 laps in length

    , Based on film, eight-race season, seven different tracks, must participate in qualifying, must make pit stops to refuel and repair damage

    Controls: Gamepad