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The player controls a small, circular spaceship which must travel around the screen collecting crystals. This task is made more difficult by the aliens which constantly swarm out from the portals on both sides of the screen. These can be shot down by the ship's gun (which has unlimited ammo) or eliminated by activating one of the player's limited supply of "smart bombs", which will clear the screen of all current enemies.

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ReleasedSep 01, 1991
PublisherData East

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Crystal Quest Nintendo Original Game Boy *Authentic Rare* Acceptable $17.5 2020-12-05 eBay .Game Boy.' | '.Crystal Quest.
Nintendo Game Boy Crystal Quest Instruction Booklet Manual Only Very Good Very Good $13.81 2020-12-05 eBay .Game Boy.' | '.Crystal Quest.

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Precious crystals are scattered throughout the galaxy and as a space prospector, it's up to you to collect all the gems. However, you'll notice that these crystals attract some of the meanest folks in the galaxy. You must zap the bad guys and get some cash for the crystals. If a friend wants to join the action, he can with the Two-Player mode. Collect the crystals and cash in with CRYSTAL QUEST.

become a galactic prospector; collect gems; blast a variety of bad guys; get cash for crystals; Two-Player mode

Controls: Gamepad, Gamepad/Joystick, Joystick

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