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Battletoads is a video game media franchise by Rare that began with the original beat 'em up game Battletoads in 1991. Starring three anthropomorphic toads named after skin conditions, Rash, Zitz, and Pimple, the series was created to rival the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games. The series as a whole has been quite popular with five installments up to this date and at its apex spawned an animated television pilot.

The initial Battletoads game for the NES was renowned for its difficulty, but also received a cult following and spawned sequels for various platforms including a crossover with the Double Dragon series. In each of the games, the objective is to defeat the toads' nemesis the Dark Queen and her army of space mutants.

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ReleasedDec 20, 1991

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BattleToads Nintendo Famicom Japan VGA 85 QUALIFIED ARCHIVAL CASE Brand New $1300 2018-12-06 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Battle Toads Seller NES Battletoads Japan Japanese Import Nintendo FC Famicom Very Good $535.63 2018-11-27 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
BATTLETOADS [ Rare / TradeWest ] Nintendo Famicom Japan Very Good $459.89 2018-12-12 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Famicom NES Battletoads NTSC-J Tested BOXED with manual Good $380 2018-11-25 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
BattleToads Nintendo Famicom Japan VGOOD Good $373.15 2018-12-13 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Nintendo Famicom: Battletoads - Japan - Import Good $330 2018-12-18 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
BATTLETOADS NES Nintendo Famicom FC Video Game Japan Import VeryGood Condition Very Good $249.99 2018-12-01 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Non Brand BATTLETOADS software only Famicom soft Used $159.02 2018-12-09 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
BATTLETOADS Cartridge Only Item Ref/2145 Famicom Nintendo JAPAN Game fc Acceptable $156 2018-12-13 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Famicom BATTLETOADS Cartridge Only Item Ref/0360 Nintendo Import JAPAN Game fc Acceptable $141 2018-11-25 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Famicom BATTLETOADS /009 Cartridge Only Nintendo JAPAN fc Acceptable $126 2018-11-22 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
NINTENDO FAMICOM BATTLETOADS BATTLE TOADS MASAYA JAPAN RARE 1990 Used $113.99 2018-12-04 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Famicom FC Battletoads Japan Nintendo game US Seller Good $105.26 2018-12-06 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Battletoads Famicom Japanese Import FC NES Battle Toads Japan JP US Seller B Good $104.99 2018-12-04 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Famicom NES Battletoads NTSC-J Tested F/S rare game soft Very Good $104.99 2018-12-09 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
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Battletoads (label with Bird man 2) - Ultra rare Famicom Famiclone Nes Cartridge Very Good $22 2018-11-25 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Battletoads, game 8 bit NES for Famicom, Dendy, Fast delivery of air! Like New $16.5 2018-12-15 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
Battletoads & Double Dragon, game 8 bit NES for Famicom, Dendy. Like New $16.5 2018-12-15 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Battletoads.
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