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Baltron (バルトロン) is a Family Computer video game that was released exclusively for the Japanese market on March 19, 1989. Baltron heavily borrows concepts from classic games like Defender and Scramble.

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ReleasedMar 19, 1986
PublisherToei Animation

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Baltron Brand NEW Nintendo NES FC Famicom Japan Free Shipping Brand New $399 2019-07-17 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
Famicom BALTRON MINT Condition Item Ref/aca Nintendo Japan Boxed Game fc Very Good $36 2019-07-13 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
BALTRON With Box Nintendo Family computer software FC Famicom NES 057 Good $25.99 2019-07-12 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
FAMICOM BALTRON HANDBILL FLYER TOEI ANIME JAPAN Used $21.55 2019-06-20 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
BALTRON Item Ref/bcb Famicom Nintendo Japan Boxed Game fc Acceptable $21 2019-07-13 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
BALTRON -- Boxed. Famicom, NES. Japan game. Work fully. 10447 Good $21 2019-07-18 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
NES -- BALTRON -- Famicom. Japan game. Work fully. 10447 Acceptable $15.5 2019-06-21 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
Famicom BALTRON Cartridge Only Nintendo Import JAPAN Game fc Acceptable $14 2019-07-09 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
BALTRON FC Nintendo Famicom NES Japan Import US Seller SHIP FAST F1747 Good $9.89 2019-07-09 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
Baltron Famicom Japan NTSC-J Nintendo Family Computer Very Good $8.99 2019-06-29 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
FREE SHIPPING NINTENDO FAMICOM BALTRON JAPAN Good $8 2019-07-03 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
FAMICOM NES"BALTRON"TOEI FAMILY COMPUTER JAPAN Used $7.86 2019-07-07 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
Baltron Famicom NES Japan Nintendo Very Good+ Condition! Very Good $5.95 2019-07-16 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
Baltron GAME NES Famicom Japan Nintendo 548 Good $5 2019-07-14 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
aj7124 Baltron NES Famicom Japan Used $4 2019-07-17 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
BALTRON NES Japanese Famicom FC Tested! Nintendo Cartridge Used Game c4904 Good $3.48 2019-07-18 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
ai9967 Baltron NES Famicom Japan Used $3.1 2019-07-05 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.
ai9506 Baltron NES Famicom Japan Used $3.06 2019-07-03 eBay .Famicom.' | '.Baltron.