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Donkey Kong Jr. (ドンキーコングJR., Donkī Kongu Junia) is a 1982 arcade-style platform video game by Nintendo. It first appeared in arcades, and, over the course of the 1980s, was later released for a variety of platforms, most notably the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game's title is written out as Donkey Kong Junior in the North American arcade version and various ports to non-Nintendo systems. Its eponymous star, Donkey Kong Jr., also called simply Junior or abbreviated as DK Jr., is trying to rescue his father Donkey Kong, who has been imprisoned. Donkey Kong's cage is guarded by Mario, in his only appearance as an antagonist in a Nintendo video game. This game is the sequel to the video game Donkey Kong, which featured Mario as the hero and Junior's father as the villain (while in this game, it's the other way around).

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ReleasedNov 30, -0001

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Famicom Disk DONKEY KONG / DONKEY KONG JR Nintendo Rewriting Disk Only Japan dk Acceptable $66 2019-09-26 eBay .Famicom Disk System.' | '.Donkey Kong Jr.
DONKEY KONG JR Nintendo Famicom Rewriting Disk Japan Game Disk Only dk Acceptable $41 2019-09-25 eBay .Famicom Disk System.' | '.Donkey Kong Jr.