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Cyberia is a science fiction action adventure video game originally released for MS-DOS in January 1994, and released two years later on the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and 3DO consoles. A sequel, Cyberia 2: Resurrection, was released in 1995 for both DOS and Windows 9x formats.

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ReleasedNov 30, 1993
DeveloperXatrix Entertainment
PublisherInterplay Entertainment

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Cyberia - experience the future - PC Game by Interplay DOS 1994 Good $12.95 2020-12-05 eBay .DOS.' | '.Cyberia.
Cyberia - Project Description -(PC,DOS,1994) Good $7.99 2020-12-17 eBay .DOS.' | '.Cyberia.
Cyberia - Project Description -(PC,DOS,1994) Very Good $6.5 2020-11-20 eBay .DOS.' | '.Cyberia.