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Abducted from your fighter by an alien race, you're enlisted in the ultilmate battle. The Reptons and Ovons are locked in a deadly duel for supremacy, and you're the Repton's secret weapon. You've been genetically altered, making you one with your Repton craft. Now you must wage war against the Ovons while trying to find a way home. When an Earth warrior takes on Heaven's best, the outcome can only be... Hellish

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ReleasedJun 30, 1997
DeveloperRage Software
PublisherElectronic Arts

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You were the greatest fighter pilot the world had ever known until a flash of light took you away from your plane. After awakening from a deep sleep, you realize you are no longer flying through the Earth's blue skies -- you're not even human! Aliens have infected your blood with their DNA to get you to fight on their side. These aliens, referred to as Reptons, are locked in a bitter struggle against the Ovons to decide the fate of their galaxy. Since the Reptons desperately need your skills, they have been kind enough to genetically fuse your body with one of their ships.

Darklight Conflict lets you fly over 50 single player missions to rid the galaxy of the dreaded Ovons. Missions range from dogfights, bombing runs and defending ships, to rescue and intelligence operations. Real-time lens flares and light sourcing will make the battles come alive, while 14 different weapons prepare you for whatever the enemy has in store. Throughout your adventure you'll have the opportunity to pilot different ships, some of which include bombers, gunships and fighters.

  • Battle aliens through more than 50 missions

  • Pilot alien bombers, gunships, and fighters

  • Blast the enemy with 14 different weapons

    Controls: Gamepad/Joystick

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